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    Workplace Issues

    The workplace can be a challenging and stressful place to navigate. I have chosen to meld my years of corporate experience with my psychology career in the form of workshops with the focus of helping people reduce their stress, increase their productivity, and more effectively navigate challenging workplace situations by using readily-adoptable skills.

    While I don’t currently have an upcoming workshop scheduled, when I next have one scheduled, information will be posted at this site. If you would like your name to be placed on a mailing list to receive information about the next workshop, please email me with your contact information.

    Training/Consulting for Mental Health Professionals

    Periodically, I offer training on DBT Skills for mental health practitioners. Currently, I do not have an upcoming training scheduled. When one is next scheduled, information will be available at this site. If you would like to be put on a mailing list to receive an email when the next DBT Skills training has been scheduled, please contact me with your contact information.

    Also, if you are interested in obtaining in-house training or consulting assistance on other topics, feel free to contact me. Some of the in-house training topics that I can readily provide include: Suicide/Homicide Assessment for Mental Health Providers, MBTI for Team Building, and consultation on setting up a DBT program, DBT consultation team, or DBT skills group in your practice.